Wallace Medical Centre, Falkirk

Doctors Crowe, Stevenson, MacInnes, Turner and Herron

If you require a letter or form to be signed by a Doctor, there are various charges to be paid before the paper work is completed.
Charges for non NHS Services
To Whom it May Concern £20.

Private Medical Forms (BUPA) £20.

Fitness to Travel Certificate (Form) £20.
Fitness to Travel Statement £20.
Fitness to Travel Report £50.
Holiday Cancellation Forms £50.
Private Statements/Certificates £20.
Insurance Claim Certificate £25.
HGV/PSV Medicals £150.


If you are planning a trip abroad please fill in a pre-travel questionnaire and arrange an appointment ideally 2 months before your date of travel. This will ensure you have enough time to receive your vaccinations and you are fully prepared for your holiday.

Free of charge on NHS:

Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Tetanus, Polio, Cholera and Diphtheria

List of Prices:

Yellow Fever –  £50

Hepatitis B – Course of 3 or 4 Vaccines £35 each

Rabies – Course of 3 Vaccines £40 each

Japanese Encephalitis – Course of 2 Vaccines £60 each

Tick Borne Encephalitis – Course of 3 Vaccines £50 each

Meningitis ACWY - £45



Please find below links to form you may be required to fill in. If you require any further information or the form you are looking for can not be found please contact our reception.

Travel Assessment Form

To Whom it May Concern